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Business is changing faster than ever before. That’s why it’s essential to stay fresh and attuned to the realities of commercial leadership. My extensive experience and principled approach will support you through complex challenges to achieve your goals.

Using personalised and collaborative methods, I’ll help you to consider your actions, reveal hidden issues, and identify alternative paths. It’s intense, energetic, and highly rewarding.

Learn about the unique benefits of Business Counsel


Business counsel

At the heart of everything I do. Combining elements of coaching and consulting, with a strong focus on the individual leader. 



Innovative and unconventional ways to stimulate and challenge clients to successfully lead positive change.

RealPlay ®

A ground-breaking way to prepare for important conversations. We create an immersive practice environment tailored to your needs. A one-hour practice session bespoke to your business, your context, your reality.


A development day of leadership challenges in a simulated business context. We provide an immersive practice environment to sharpen your skills and help you prepare for the unexpected.

Both approaches deliver profound professional growth to help you succeed.

Kevin Gothelf

Kevin Gothelf

In 2008 he founded the Cogent Partnership, fulfilling his passion to partner with leaders to create successful outcomes. 

'Innovative & Unconventional'

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