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The Cogent Club

It’s more than just a strapline on a website… We genuinely care about helping current and future leaders succeed. So, as part of our ongoing mission to provide opportunities to emerging talent, we’ve created a launchpad to help kick-start careers…

The Cogent Club is an exclusive peer community enabling aspiring leaders to discover better ideas, share valuable experiences, and build relationships that make a lasting impact. Importantly, every space is fully sponsored. Our members enjoy all benefits at no personal cost.

It’s a space to collaborate, receive business counsel, and chat about leadership and growth in business. Together, we help each other achieve our personal and professional goals. We meet monthly, with a structured agenda that gives space to our aspirations, values, backgrounds and life choices. We learn, we grow, and we’re accountable for our own actions. Membership is awarded to those who are interested, interesting and keen to connect. We share a curious nature, a generous spirit, and a desire to support one another. If you feel you fit the profile and would like to be considered for membership, write to us at [email protected] We’d love to hear about your ambitions and values, and how they align with ours.
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