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How & Why it works


The names RealPlay® and RealPrep™ describe true-to-life experiences like no other. With our support, you’ll be immersed in practice sessions with professional actors – in carefully constructed scenarios that simulate the real challenges of leadership in fast changing times.

They take place via video call, using bespoke methods and instant feedback to empower you to achieve your desired outcomes.

They are fast, effective, and nothing short of game changing.

The RealPlay® Process

Identify an opportunity

The first step is to pinpoint a real-life interaction you want to prepare for.

Complete the web survey

Tell us more. Select from a list of ten competencies you’d like to sharpen, ready for your real-life interaction.

Make a planning call

Talk it over with Kevin. Together, refine the purpose and the desired outcomes.

Get immersed in Real Play practice

Practice your conversation with a thoroughly briefed actor, then receive immediate feedback from Kevin. Engage in guided reflection to deconstruct and engrain the learnings.

Receive a summary

Use your practice summary to reflect on what you’ve learned. This’ll include highlighted opportunities for your wider professional growth.

Share the outcome

After the real event, reflect on your experience with Kevin to plan your next steps.

The RealPrep Process

Fix your Development Day

Confirm a date and clear your diary for your Development Day

Receive a Briefing Pack

One week beforehand, you will receive a briefing pack

Planning call

Talk it over with Kevin. Clarify to ensure understanding.

Get immersed

Start your full day of meetings, and take the opportunity to reflect with Kevin during the day

Discuss next steps

Close with day with reflections and action plans for your future

Why it works

Experiential Learning

It’s widely recognised that the best way to improve is through experience and practice… We learn best by doing, and this includes the way we interact with one another.

Leaders are always walking forwards into uncertainty. Both approaches allow you to prepare for this uncertainty in advance… Learn before the event, not just from it.

Realism matters

Traditional approaches tend to be generic, formulaic, and lacking in direct relevance to your situation.

A RealPlay® and/or RealPrep™ session, with trained and fully briefed actors, couldn’t be more different. We create an immersive exchange equal to a true-to-life experience.

Client and Actor on a RealPlay call

Prepare for the Unexpected

Many of us anticipate and plan future conversations in our heads. But how many of those interactions turn out as we expect? Realistically – very few. That’s because it’s virtually impossible to predict a two-way conversation with any real accuracy.

RealPlay® and RealPrep™ will prepare you for uncertainty, including stretching yet plausible twists and turns, to sharpen your communication agility. When you’re challenged with life-like unpredictability, you’ll build muscle to respond to real-life scenarios with composure, confidence and control.

Choosing a Posture

To create truly tailored experiences, we analyse several factors, including your expectations, circumstances and self-awareness.

Another key component is our model of ten specific competencies – each fundamental to effective interaction. Our dynamic assessment helps to create the building blocks of your sessions, ensuring you get the most out of your experience.

Psychological Safety

Effective experiential learning demands a secure environment… You must feel safe to make mistakes and learn. The privacy of RealPlay® and RealPrep™ will allow you to shed inhibitions, experiment, and – with guidance and support – reflect.


During the planning call, we’ll explore your self-awareness and expectations in detail. We’ll identify your objectives, pose provocative questions, and challenge your assumptions. We’ll also encourage deeper thinking about your potential impact.

Kevin Gothelf

Instant Feedback

Immediately after the RealPlay® session and at key points during your RealPrep™ day you and Kevin will deconstruct your experience. This is critical! Together, you’ll identify opportunities for improvement. It’s this instant, deep reflection that’ll build your self-awareness and provide practical support to achieve your desired outcomes.

Return on Investment

RealPlay® and RealPrep™ sessions sharpens skills and builds communication capability. They take place over a video call. RealPlay® takes around and hour and meets an impending business need – with instant results. RealPrep™ comprises a full day of leadership challenges. Our clients have consistently described these as the most potent and effective return on investment for their professional development.

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